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Statewide Legal Services has free advice for low-income people with legal problems in Connecticut.

You can find out more about legal problems and apply for help here.

About Statewide Legal Services

Statewide Legal Services of Connecticut staff is a dedicated and experienced group of people working to provide assistance to eligible people seeking help with legal problems affecting their most fundamental rights.

Janice Chiaretto, Executive Director
Alice Csere, Bookkeeper
Ashleigh Backman, Pro Bono Attorney Manager
Jason Becker, Staff Attorney
Carmen Saldana, Paralegal
Cindy Fernandez, Executive Administrative Assistant
Eliza Heins, Staff Attorney
Elizabeth Pisarski-Buchholz, Staff Attorney
Emma Lopez, Paralegal
Hector Hernandez, Intake Specialist
Jane Kinney-Knotek, Staff Attorney
John Bozzi, Pro Bono Coordinator
Jonathan Caez, Intake Specialist
Kathy Daniels, IT Administrator
Linda Spada, Financial Officer
Lisa Iacino, Staff Attorney
Margaret Holm, Paralegal
Matt Provost, Managing Attorney
Moses Beckett, Managing Attorney
Nilda Rodriguez, Intake Specialist
Orlando Cordero, Staff Attorney
Rhoda Micocci, Managing Attorney
Rosa Betancourt, Paralegal
Rosabelle Vargas, Intake Specialist
Sandra San Emeterio, Project Manager Attorney
Sara Ramos, Program Administrator
Wendy Vazquez, Intake Specialist

Our Board of Directors is a vibrant and diverse group of people comprised of community partners, client representatives, and attorneys from law firms throughout the state.

David P. Friedman, President, Murtha Cullina LLP
Jean Perry Phillips, Vice President, Pullman & Comley, LLC
Hugh F. Murray III, Treasurer, McCarter & English, LLP
Megan R. Naughton, Secretary, Robinson & Cole, LLP
Margaret Castinado, State of CT, Division of Public Defender Services
April Couloute, Client Representative
Esther Darko, Client Representative
Labib M. Fasihuddin, Client Representative
Courtney A. George, Cohen and Wolf, PC
Salmun Kazerounian, CT Fair Housing Center
Kevin M. Smith, Wiggin and Dana, LLP
Kathleen Snow, Client Representative
Latonia C. Williams, Shipman & Goodwin, LLP

Our Volunteers: there have been hundreds of people who have donated their time and expertise to help us and other legal aid organizations across the state assist low-income people with legal problems in Connecticut over the past year. Please join us in thanking all of them.

This web site, funded by the Connecticut Bar Foundation and the Legal Services Corporation, seeks to further our goal of equal access to justice by providing information and self-help materials on a variety of legal issues.

How to Get Assistance: You can use our Legal Help Finder to see what help is available. 
Generally, applicants should call Statewide Legal Services first to find out if they qualify for services. Call-In hours are 9 a.m. to Noon and from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The number to call is (800) 453-3320 or (860) 344-0380 from Hartford and Middletown.

You can fill out an online application using your computer here.

The following persons should call the legal services office closest to them:

For more information on which legal services program covers your area:
Map of General Legal Services in Connecticut
Map of Elder Law Services in Connecticut


Why apply online?

  • Our phone lines are open for limited hours and are very busy.
  • The wait time on the phone can be long.
  • You can apply any time of day or night.
  • The online application will help you find out if you qualify for our services.
  • If you apply online, your phone interview will be shorter when we call you back.
  • You can apply online for legal help with family, housing, public benefits, unemployment and other problems.
  • You can also apply for bankruptcy, debtor’s rights and consumer protection only online.
  • You can apply online using your computer.

If you have an emergency
you should call our office.
Do not fill out an application online.